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    Spark is a creative, combo-centric, Shoot 'em up game. It's a 3-in-1 old-school arcade game fueled by the competitive urge to climb the leaderboards.

    The unique shooting system hooks the player as they discover more and more ways to create beautiful and effective combos.

    Everything in Spark is rooted in the player's arsenal of destruction--  four bullets that vary in power and speed.

    Whether you are testing your precision and cunning in the Puzzles, your destructive skills in Conquest or your resilience in Survival; mastering the multitude of combos at your disposal is crucial.

    Blast, Dodge, and Solve your way to the top of the leaderboards to crown yourself the king of Spark.


    Did you ever dream about a world in perfect harmony, with no conflicts or power-hungry tyrants??? Yeah, me neither. That would be way too boring.

    Time to step up! Crush your foes, and their fearless leaders in Conquest. Elaborate bullet patterns, coordinated enemy movements, and... BOSS BATTLES.

    Rack up points by blasting everything that shows its ugly mug. Bonus points if you can defeat the final boss. I have to warn you though; he is a little bit... crabby.


    Surviving is all the rage right now... It's been trendy since the inception of this beautiful blue planet. Even if trends aren't your thing, hop aboard the hype train in Survival.

    Your objective is simple: Stay alive as long as possible. Think about it... you've been 100% effective so far IRL. Time to transition that effectiveness in game.

    Craft combos to clear enemies, collect powerups to help when times get tough, and don't forget your dancing shoes because you are going to need some fancy footwork to dodge all those bullets.


    Okay... so killing everything isn't your style? Maybe you're more of an intellectual? Don't fret, Ruler of the Riddles... these Puzzles were made just for you!

    Flex your brain, show off that surgeon-like timing and precision, and solve your way through as many as you can, you Emperor of Enigma.

    If you want to be the Captain of Conundrum, you're going to have to be fast. It is a race against time.And, I can assure you, time didn't skip leg day.

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We recommend you plug in a game pad and use that. But, you can use mouse and keyboard as well. Mouse and Keyboard controls are fully customizable in the options menu.

Install instructions


After you download the zip, you will need to unzip it by double clicking the folder. If you did this correctly, you should know see a Spark_Knightmare_Games application. Now go into your terminal.

enter this command:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine ~/Downloads/Spark_Knightmare_Games.app/

Go back to your downloads folder and double click on the app! It should come up now. Leave a comment if you can't get this working.


Just download the .exe for Windows platforms and run the executable. You may need to accept the risk because it is an unkown executable to your computer. I promise it is safe!


Spark_v1.2.4_Windows.zip 37 MB
Spark_v1.2.4_Mac.zip 33 MB

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