Frickin' Sharks with Frickin' Laserbeams


Enemies are the second most important thing in a Shmup, in my opinion. Second to only the player. Enemies are what make the game. Enemies make the bullet patterns, the scoring objectives, THE FUN! With that being said, the enemies in Spark need to be great. We have had many attempts at enemies so far, but I finally think we have settled on the design and style that will be in the final game. It involved cute creatures... but now they will be wielding deadly weapons! This should make them easier to shoot and kill as the player because they appear more threatening and less realistic. Also, it allows for a ton of creativity and variation within the enemies and game play patterns. The only downside is it is difficult and time consuming to add that level of detail. BUT it is necessary to making a great game. So it is what we are going to do.

What kind of detail?

I always ask the right questions, don't I? Yes. Details. Alright... Yeah. So how about I take these creatures that we wanted to have for enemies, and then  strap big futuristic weapons to them. The weapons are independent of the creature, so they have their own animations, which adds to the lively feel of the enemies and hopefully makes them look high quality. Sharks + Lasers, Turtles + MiniGuns, SeaHorse + Pistol.... I mean what isn't to love!

Frickin' Shark with a Frickin' laserbeam attached to it's Frickin' Head.

So, if you have seen any of my other posts with the shark in it, you probably think I am using that line too much. I am. Get over it. I'm Dr. Evil... or have been trying to be him while making these enemies. I think I nailed it with this one.

What's Next?

More enemies! More Weapons. 97 more years of enemies and weapons. 97... We are never going back. Not now, not ever. 97. 97.



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