A downloadable tool for Windows and Linux

The Enemy Builder is a tool built to help streamline the development of enemies for Spark. Using this tool you can create an infinite amount of enemies from our given shapes. Recolor, resize, rotate, and animate these shapes to make brilliant looking enemies.

If you make something you are proud of and want us to see or use in game...Export the code and paste it into an email. Send it with the subject line '<Your Name> Enemy Builder' to games.knightmare@gmail.com. If we end up using it (with your permission), you may score yourself a key upon release, along with your name in the Credits!

Join the Knightmare Games community on Discord. Show us what you've made in the #enemybuilder channel.

We are gonna roll out a few updates to squash any remaining bugs, but feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, bug reports, or anything else you want to discuss.


EnemyBuilder_Mac.app.zip 4 MB
EnemyBuilder_Windows082218.zip 3 MB

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