A downloadable game for Windows

A bullet hell game where you can't move. Well directly...

Maybe like 45 seconds of gameplay, sorry i suck!

Click to do everything. It is still super buggy and there really isn't much gameplay lol


Regress_gmtk2018.zip 4 MB


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Interesting concept!  I also made a bullet hell game where you can't move and we took it in totally different directions.  I'm not a fan of how short the game is or how the dynamic camera can glitch out, but overall I like the idea.

Also, what are the numbers in the top left of the screen for?  I couldn't figure that out.

Thanks. I failed this game jam really bad. I didn't do a good job prioritizing gameplay and i got stuck with a mechanic i ended up tossing out in the last few hours so this is what was left. the numbers in the top left were for debugging lol, i struggled. Thanks for playing though!